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Mezcal Security Vehicles

Mezcal Security Vehicles is a premier vehicle armouring company that builds high quality armoured vehicles ranging from armored passenger vehicles to Military Personnel Carriers. Our cars are the perfect choice for a variety of customers including military and peacekeeping forces, police forces, border patrols, security companies, NGO's, embassies, and all organizations and individuals living and working in hostile or high-risk environments.


Dynamic Defense Solutions FZE

Dynamic Defense Solutions FZE is synonymous with safety and life protection; our products combine superior performance with leading design and engineering standards. In addition our regional strategic alliance partnerships with advanced production capabilities, rapid delivery and large variety of product range make us the perfect solution for any defense needs. Specialties: Armored Vehicles, Armored Vehicle Parts, Electronic Warfare Systems, Design & Engineering Solutions & Tactical Gears Tel: +97172274051, Mob: +971529047979, E-mail: sales@dynamic-defense.co


Harrow Security Vehicles

Harrow Security Vehicles is a young and dynamic company producing a wide range of Armoured Vehicles and is specialized in Manufacturing both Armored Civilian and Military Vehicle for both Left and Right Hand Drives including 4×4 SUVs, Sedans. Pickups, Cash In Transits, Truck . All design documentation is produced in accordance with strict military-industry-standards and incorporates client specific requirements.


Streit Group of Companies

Armored SUV, pick-up trucks, trucks, Cash in transit and VIP vehicles to protection level up to CEN B7. We always carry a large inventory and have the most comprehensive warranty due to the high manufacturing quality of our products. Started over 10 years ago Streit has now 4 assembly plants in Canada USA and UAE. At present time we are the largest independently owned company in the industry.


ASV Armored Cars

ASV Armoring is a specialised manufacturer of high quality armoured vehicles. Our cars are the perfect choice for a variety of customers including military and peacekeeping forces, police forces, border patrols, security companies, NGO's, embassies, and all organisations and individuals living and working in hostile or high-risk environments.


Shell Armored Vehicles

Shell armored vehicles (SAV) is your reliable and ultimate destination for all specialized vehicle needs. SAV supplies armored vehicles to fulfill the high security needs of ministries,embassies,security agencies,NGOs,defence,commercial sectors and all individuals living in hostile and riot hit geographies. We have a comprehensive product range of armored cars or SUVs,armored pickups,armored vans/buses,armored cash-in-transit vehicles,soft skin vehicles and vehicle accessories.


Isotrex Manufacturing

Manufacturers of High Quality armored SUV's, Pick Up Trucks, People Carriers, Ambulances, Cash In Transit and VIP vehicles. A company that gives a personal service to all of our clients from initial contact to completion. We pride ourselves on only using top quality materials sourced from USA, Europe and Australia and on our ability to keep our prices lower than our competitors, without compromising quality. Contact us for rates you will be pleasntly surprised.


International Armored Group

International armored Group is a premium manufactruer of custom armored vehicles with over 15 years of experience. IAG has built and sold thousands of armored cars, SUVs, trucks, cash in transit vehicles, armored personnel carriers and various other types of security vehicles to clients worldwide. With a team of highly skilled engineers and a state of the art 50,000 sq ft manufacturing facility, IAG armored vehicles are amongst the leaders in survivability, performance and quality.


Ravon International FZE

We are a leading solution provider for Automobile Spare parts for armored & Soft Skin vehicles, some of our commonly supplied parts are Ballistic Glass, Tire with Runflat, coil spring, shock absorbers & Low current Systems, specializing in design supplies, installations of Audio Visual, Communications and Security Systems. We are the exclusive distributors for High Hardness Armor Plate Mill 49100D certified Ballistic Resistant Steel and TJM Heavy Duty Suspension Kits in the Middle East.


Safe Cage

Safe Cage is an Armoured Security Company specialising in the armouring of vehicles and the protection of personnel. We have over 10 years experience within the armouring of cars and the armed security industry with our qualified staff having armouring over 500 vehicles worldwide. We assist in the private security and aid and development sectors, you can rely on Safe Cage



KANAS is an International General Trading Import/Export UAE based company, particularly deals in bullet proof security related products and services. KANAS has a corporate office and an armoring factory in the Ajman Free zone, UAE. KANAS has Support Managers and associate offices in various locations including USA, UAE, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, China and Pakistan. KANAS armoring facility is capable of producing 25+ armored vehicles in a month. The armored vehicle production is supervised by Burhan Qadri to ensure the quality and follow the contract requirement.


Saxon Armor

Saxon Armor is the result of a collaboration effort between American and Afghan nationals who possess a deep knowledge of armored vehicle design and manufacturing, military specification, and global sales.



Armoured vehicles find their extensive use in police and military forces, border patrolling, security companies, NGO’s, embassies, and other organizations and individuals living and working in hostile or high-risk environments.


Hayakel Armoring

HAYAKEL ARMOURING applies our unique system which is constantly evolving and is a never-ending research and development process to reach the optimum level of confidence for any given vehicle and environment.


Mahindra Armored

Mahindra Emirates Vehicle Armoring Fz LLC (MEVA) is a premium vehicle armoring company experienced in the fields of engineering, prototyping and manufacturing of armored cars, and other armored vehicles.


ASV Armored Cars

ASV Armored cars builds a complete and comprehensive product line of Armored Cars/ SUV’s, Armored Pick-Ups, Armored Vans/Busses, Armored Cash-In-Transit Vehicles, vehicles to meet the high security needs of Armored operations around the world.


Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles

Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles (MSPV) develops and builds state-of-the-art tailor-made vehicles for civilian and military applications.


Inkas Armored

INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing is a Canadian firm that specializes in design and production of a wide variety of armored vehicles, cars, and armored trucks. Luxury armored cars, armored SUV's, Cash Transit Vehicles and Tactical Armored Vehicles used by Law Enforcement Agencies all over the world.


UAE Armored Cars

Blog with latest news and information about Armored Vehicles, Military Vehicles,armored cars/ SUVs, armored pickups, armored vans/buses, armored cash-in-transit vehicles, tactical vehicles, Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs), armored cargo transport trucks, armored passenger buses/vans and armored ambulances.


Al Asbar Group

Welcome to Al Asbar Group official website. Al Asbar Group is a Dubai, United Arab Emirates based holding company established in 2001 with a number of subsidiaries specializing in custom design and manufacture of an extensive range of specialty, military and civilian automotive products.


Ultimate Armour Works

Ultimate Armour Works is a manufacturer of high quality armoured vehicles. Our current location allows for cost effective production and rapid deployment into the Middle Eastern and African markets.


Artan Armored Vehicles

Artan Armored Vehicles is one of the global élite suppliers of armored vehicles. Established in 2012, our services has awarded us the honor of one of the most reliable and trusted manufacturers of armored vehicles. We provide armoring solutions for vehicles from passenger cars/SUVs to military personnel carriers and cash-in-transits.


TAG - The Armored Group

Bullet Proof Automobiles, Trucks, and Vehicles Turning regular vehicles into armored fortresses on wheels since 1992. TAG - The Armored Group manufactures vehicles that meet or exceed all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). All parts used and services provided on our armored vehicles are second to none, and our armored car company is committed to using the latest cutting edge technology in every instance. To prepare our vehicles for the most hostile environments and to ensure they meet the highest standards of safety, our vehicles undergo extreme ballistics testing. TAG Middle East FZC is having state of the art manufacturing facility in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

For more information please visit our website.